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Casablanca, the Moroccan economy lung and guarantor of a unique historical heritage, lives at a frantic pace. Casablanca gives us its multiple facets. Business and art rub shoulders and confused. The little red taxis glide feet of ultramodern buildings of the White City. The modern buildings coexist naturally with Andalusian and «Art Deco» of the 20 Arab buildings.
Casablanca is located between business and pleasure, attracts many companies and hosts seminars and conferences throughout the year. As the economic heart of Morocco in full swing, it is equipped with modern infrastructure. Almost 60% of the leading companies in Morocco and most banks meet there. Its modern new airport Mohamed V is an important distribution center.
If you plan to Casablanca for business or pleasure, be sure to enjoy the city, which offers catering services and high-quality animation, and many leisure activities such as golf, water sports, etc … The development of leisure is a priority for the city, which is investing in sports, tourism and leisure complex.

Major sites of Casablanca

A must visit the Great Mosque of Hassan II. It is the world’s largest mosque after Mecca and Medina. This architectural masterpiece was built on water by His Majesty King Hassan II. Its minaret, the highest in the world, stands facing the Atlantic offering its silhouette worthy of admiration. It can accommodate 20,000 worshipers inside and 80.00 in the esplanade. The mosque also has a madrassa, a library, a national museum and several conference rooms. Only visited throughout Morocco mosque opens its doors to non-Muslims and guided tours every day except Fridays and during prayer times visits are organized.
Facing the harbor, the Sqala is a fortified stronghold built in the eighteenth century by Sultan Mohammed ben Adballah. formerly, defensive port, now converted into a restaurant, the «Cafe Moro» still raises his gun into the ocean. If you enter the premises of the fortress, you will discover a splendid and pleasant Andalusian garden lined with trees, exotic plants and menthol beds.
Near the port and a few steps from the Plaza of Nations, is the medina, the oldest part of the city. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, it is more contemporary than other Moroccan medinas and has an atypical mix of Muslim and Arab colonial style. In its narrow streets full of small shops, you will find the authenticity of the Moroccan traditions.
Walking through the city center, visitors will be amazed by the legacy of the «crazy years», with buildings made of domes, columns and carved balconies. The 20s and 30s were the theater of unique architectural expressions. Even today, the neocásico styles, Moorish Art Deco Casablanca attract and inspire architects worldwide.
Although it has been more than half a century, the famous movie «Casablanca» is still present in the minds of tourists. Although no scene was filmed there last time fiction has become reality. The legendary «Rick’s Café» has been completely rebuilt on the outskirts of the ancient medina, you can enter and go with the imagination to hear «Sam» on his piano.
Throughout the year the city hosts and organizes numerous artistic, cultural and musical events such as the Festival of Music in Casablanca (international meeting of musicians), L’Boulevard of Young Musicians (urban music), Festival of Theatre and Culture (concerts, dance, theater and conferences), the International Marathon of Casablanca, among others.
Casablanca is a city full of treasures for the palate. The cuisine is international, creative and sophisticated, blending Mediterranean flavors with the exoticism of the Far East.
The shopping in Casablanca presents a double attraction: the Moroccan craftsmanship tradition and the major international luxury brands. You can start your shopping in the old medina of Bad El-Jadid. In the district of the «Habous» you will find the souk of copper, craftsmen working with metal and fabricated before their eyes objects of all kinds.

Country Morocco
Languages spokenArabic, French, and Spanish usual, Portuguese, Italian and English
Currency usedMoroccan Dirham (MAD)

Sports & nature

Casablanca offers a multitude of activities including a wide range of water sports. Jet skiing, surfing, fishing and windsurfing are widely practiced on the coast. They can also enjoy the seabed and marine wildlife with experienced diving instructors. Casablanca is also a paradise for golfers. Professional or amateur, fans of the sport are in Casablanca and its prestigious golf courses around. Royal Golf of Anfa is a superb land where eucalyptus abound. his field, a par 35 of 2710 meters, requires great skill and technique.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

The boardwalk is a living space where several activities day and night offer: cafes, restaurants, ice cream, luxury hotels, shopping centers, playgrounds, theaters, clubs, cinemas, yacht clubs ... At night completely transforms being essential for night fun stop. Eastern cabaret to jazz club, "the Bella Corniche", etc ... has something for Nightlife image

Culture and history info

No historian could pinpoint the true founder of Casablanca, Anfa named above. Some historians argue that Anfa was founded during Roman times, others advocate the Phoenicians or Berbers. during Merinide dynasty, it was a city open to the sea transsacciones. its inhabitants, sailors and pirates did not hesitate to attack ships. The Portuguese, to protect their trade, invade and destroy completely Anfa in the year 1468. Under the rule of the Alawite dynasty of Sultan Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (1757-1790), the city rises from the ashes and became " Dar Al Baida "" Maison Blanche "or" White House ". Fie in 1912 when it was decided in Casablanca prmer construction of large modern port of the Kingdom. During the Second World War, the port becomes a strategic place. The city hosted numerous diplomats, winston Chischill, Franklin Roosevelt and Charles de Gaulle, during the conference of Anfa 1943. From diplomacy to business is only one step. The economic development of the region is enhanced by the port activity and attract domestic and foreign investment, resulting in a modern city today turned into the economic capital of Morocco.Culture and history image

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