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Fes, Imperial City, spiritual and cultural center of the kingdom, city of a thousand facets, still intact in its splendor. Its magnificent madrasahs are the most prominent of which is the cradle of wisdom symbol. Its medina, classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has preserved its authenticity and its original seal for more than 1,200 years ago.
The result of the mix of various civilizations, Fez inherited the Arab nobility, the Andalusian refinement, Jewish ingenuity and tenacity Berber. Capital of craftsmanship, can boast of having a true artistic experience working trades ceramics, wood or leather.
Fez el Bali, the old town is entirely true outdoor museum. Among its 9,400 streets, it has 185 mosques, several madrassas, magnificent palaces and historic buildings registered 10.00.
The refinement of its palaces, the wealth of museums, the greatness of their madrassas, birthplace of the greatest sages of the Golden Age, are places not to be missed when visiting Fez

Among the mosques, the greatest is the Karaouiyine, founded by Fatima the Fihria in 859, and later expanded, is the heart of the city. its name comes from the neighborhood then inhabited by refugees from Kairouan. Andalusian mosque dates from 860. Noted for its large porch decorated with zelliges (typical Moroccan tiles) and carved wooden overhang. The Zaouia Moulay Idriss houses the tomb of Moulay Idriss II, founder of Fez.

Madrassas (Koranic universities) are a living testimony to the intellectual and scientific history of the city. meriníes designed by sultans play a cultural, intellectual and political role. The Seffarine Madrasa is the first founded in the thirteenth century. Madrasa Bou Inania is characterized by its remarkable architecture with its cedar wood, sculpted stucco, and its marble and onyx decoration. Built in 1325 El-Attarine Madrasa is one of the wonders of Fez. masterpiece with an extremely fine decoration: sculpted marble and calligraphed, wooden arches, mosaics and refined arabesques. The Cherratine madrasah, built by Sultan Moulay Rachid in the seventeenth century, podñia accommodate up to 200 students.

Among the 70 monumental public fountains, some are real works of decorative art. such as Nejjarine fountain, souk Hayek or Qouas source.

The souks participate in the life of the city and are organized in unions. The more lively is the Souk Attanine, This shopping street is bounded at each end by two monumental wooden doors that are closed at night. old souk was specialized in the sale of traditional medicine. in Souq el-Henna sold for centuries cosmetic items (ghassoul, black soap, kohl, rosewater, henna, argan oil, etc …) Looking Fez precious embroideries, silks, brocades, trimmings, slippers birdadas and caftans, find them in the Serrajine kissaria. Tillis souk is famous for its carpets. The Nejjarine district for woodwork (wooden blinds, tables, chairs, marquetry, etc …) and tinsmiths in Es-Seffarine Square, featuring chiseled dishes, teapots, and other articles of iron, copper and silver. In the morning a visit to the district of the tanners, the Chouwara tannery, which consists of several tanks filled with different dye, where the skins for leather craft production of lamb, cow or goat is imposed work. The panoramic view of these tanneries reminds palettes of painters, or a box of watercolors. The strong smell that is mitigated with mint branches that will facilitate you during your visit.

The main monument of Fez Jedid is the Royal Palace, whose construction began in the XIII century. The wide expanse of the Alawites conditioned in 1968 offers a breathtaking view over the finely carved doors of the palace.

Jewish quarter founded after the sixteenth century by the Sultan to protect the Jewish community in the city. It crosses the big street, lively artery that brings together all kinds of shops, jewelry, home textiles and clothing, etc … The houses are distinguished Mellah of Muslim homes by the windows and balconies of wood and wrought iron. Ibn Danan synagogue seventeenth century is a masterpiece of Judeo-Moroccan architectural heritage.

Country Fez
Languages spokenArabic, French, and Spanish usual, Portuguese, Italian and English
Currency usedMoroccan Dirham (MAD)

Sports & nature

The geographical position of Fès and its climate make it an ideal site for the practice of air sports. The flying club of Fez organizes flights and courses to train thrill seekers...Jogging buffs and nature lovers invade more and more parks and forests of Fez. Some carried their rounds every morning in the forest Chkef Ain, an area of unspoilt nature, crossed by many marked trails and equipped with spaces for walkers.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Find out the most interesting places in Fez, the first imperial city of Morocco and ... The views are spectacular at night and sunset.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

cultural, religious and spiritual apital of Morocco, Fez, founded in the late eighth century, is a city that has suffered over time...Culture and history image

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